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What is Aaru?

Aaru is a guild formed by a few real-life friends with hopes of creating their own high-end guild for the new content in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Our name comes from Egyptian mythology where "Aaru" is described as being heavenly paradise.

What type of guild is Aaru?

Our focus will be PVE 10-man raid content primarily. We chose the smaller raid size for obvious reasons of having easier time finding enough people but the main reason is that we want to keep our community relatively small. We want our members to feel they are part of a community, one where each member is fused together in a perfect harmony with their personality as well as their play-style.

We aren't planning to neglect PVP aspect of the game however. We assume there will be players interested to that part of the game and we plan to host regularly Rated Battleground raids in addition to our PVE endeavours. The density of these events depends solely on the enthusiasm of our players within the guild. Aaru's main focus will still be PVE content.

What kind of people fit into Aaru?

People who posses great social skills and we take this with highest priority.

People who are experienced with their class/spec or are willing to learn.

People who put their effort to things they do in World of Warcraft. Meaning they take the extra mile to learn everything about their class, learn raid tactics before actual run, bring their own consumables. That sort of thing. You don't need to be a super hardcore player to fit in but you also can't expect to get a free ride through raid content. So in short: No lazy people.
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Our recruitment limits are merely guidelines to ensure balanced loot disturbition and balanced raid setting so even if it shows we are full on someone don't be shy to apply.

We take applications from all  classes except paladins at this time.
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